QuickBooks Software for Small Business Review

QuickBooks Software

QuickBooks Software is a well-known cloud-based accounting solution. This software is designed for small businesses that need advanced features, such as inventory management or profit and loss tracking. The software is easy to use but may require additional training. In addition, QuickBooks offers several pricing models and an advanced feature set. This article will provide a detailed review of QuickBooks and highlight its main features and characteristics.

QuickBooks Software – Pricing

If your business needs effective accounting software, then QuickBooks can be your confident choice because it is considered the best accounting software for small businesses for 2022. This comprehensive platform contains all the necessary tools for basic accounting processes. If you are in doubt before purchasing this software, the vendor offers you a month free trial based on the simplest rate.

QuickBooks offers four plans in total and a 50% discount on the first three months of using its services. So, you can sign up for your choice of these plans:

  • Simple Start Plan – This plan costs $30 per month, but users can only pay $15 for the first three months of use. This plan includes basic accounting tools, including monitoring income and expenses, collecting receipts, billing, payments, etc;
  • Essentials Plan – This plan costs $45 per month, but users will pay $27.50 for the first three months. In addition to all the above features, this plan allows you to add up to three users to the program. This will enable the right people to have all the information they need at their fingertips. Also, this plan allows you to manage your accounts;
  • Plus Plan – The price for this plan is $84 per month and $42.50 for the first three months, respectively. It allows up to 5 users to be added to the space and provides inventory management tools. With it, accountants can forecast profitability with predictive reports;
  • The Expanded Plan is the latest and most expensive plan that provides the most features. You pay $100 for the first three months and $200 all the time after that. This plan allows you to invite more people into the program and use advanced analytics to assess the state of your business. You also have data recovery, batch billing, and expense functions. In addition, many processes are automated, and you can use tutorials to understand the program better.

QuickBooks key features

QuickBooks provides an additional feature for a fee, namely payroll. With its help, you can manage your payroll and get all your data from one centralized location. The price for this benefit will be $22.50 per month. This service also includes calculating taxes and using the correct forms.

QuickBooks is also easy to use. Invite your accountant to the program space via email. He will then access all the tools your account needs at no extra cost. Since this is a fairly popular software among accountants, most certified professionals know how to work with it.

Also, QuickBooks functions well when it comes to scalability. As your business grows and evolves, you can use additional products from the vendor that meet the expanded needs of your business. You can take advantage of programs like QuickBooks Payroll or QuickBooks Point of Sale.

Below we will highlight the major advantages and disadvantages of Quickbooks:


  • thorough accountability
  • flexible integration with plenty of side apps
  • management of resources feature
  • easy information exchange


  • high prices in comparison with competitors
  • limited number of users
  • need to spend time learning the software