Board portal software can be an indispensable tool for your business

The activity of any organization is inextricably linked with the implementation of a large number of various tasks, planning, and monitoring, which is impossible without the use of modern digital technologies. The introduction of board portal software that improves the efficiency of corporate management is an urgent task.

Board software for efficient board collaboration

The activities of a modern organization are closely related to the performance of various works, the implementation of projects, the execution of instructions from collegial bodies, the coordination of documents, etc. Planning and monitoring the implementation of all these types of work is hampered by many projects and those responsible for their implementation. Developments in modern information technologies and, in particular, in the field of board management systems allow for significantly increasing the efficiency of managing this activity.

Web-based board management portals are a project-oriented collaborative workspace for managing one or more projects, available to all board members. Therefore, the portal should be considered a means of organizing and supporting collective activities at all levels of the company's management and not only as an instrument of administrative control.

Board software for efficient online board meetings

The advantage of using board management software is the ability to print the minutes right after the meeting since the current status of topics, questions, and instructions is established directly during the meeting. Thus, another source of losses is eliminated, which is related to the fact that at the end of the meeting, after various discussions and agreements, sometimes after a considerable time, not quite the decisions that were made at the meeting get into the protocol.

Thus, the preparation, coordination, approval, and distribution of the minutes of the meeting are carried out within the time of the current meeting, promptly and without unreasonable delays, orienting all participants to an active discussion and development of decisions directly during this meeting.

The system can also support long-term issues that are advisable to consider at each meeting. For example, it is recommended that a standing question such as “Participant comments and suggestions on how to improve the conduct of meetings” be included as a standard on the agenda, allowing the meeting leader to seek the participants' opinion on improving all aspects of meeting management each time.

What are the other software benefits?

Most modern companies have already realized the benefits of introducing board portals. They are as follows:

  • The selection of employees is carried out through a convenient form. There you can also specify which reports or issues should be covered by the selected employees. Invitations will be sent out automatically.
  • The agenda is agreed upon within the framework of the company's regulations and adjusted. All interested persons are notified in advance of the time and place of the meeting and can also familiarize themselves with the agenda.
  • The meeting minutes and board of directors resolution template is generated automatically, while some of the data is filled in from the agenda.
  • The use of the electronic voting system makes it possible to improve the process of communications between the corporate secretary and members of the board of directors in real time.

So, the automation of corporate governance processes and the unification of documents generated in the course of it allow board members to stop looking at corporate governance as cumbersome and extremely complex. And it means that the business can quickly apply the best practices in this area with the help of cloud-based board software.